This term

Schedule and Covid-19 arrangements

Please scroll down to see our Covid-19 arrangements.

Rehearsals are on Tuesday lunchtimes and Wednesday evenings.  Please scroll down to see dates, times and locations.

We have started looking at a major work to be performed in 2022, Jubilate Deo by Dan Forrest.  There are some exceptionally good learning resources available as Youtube recordings with the score appearing with the music.  

Rehearsal and event dates, times, and locations

  • Rehearsals in 2022 will be confirmed here. We are currently assessing what is practicable.

COVID-19 arrangements 

  1. Please take a lateral flow test the night or the morning before attending the choir.
  2. Ventilation – While it is not too cold we will leave the doors to the Sacred Heart open.  There are high level windows that open on all sides mechanically.  These will be opened.
  3. Distancing – Please queue for entry adhering to social distancing and as far as it is practicable we will aim for some distancing in seating positions.  We also ask for patience and common sense to avoid crowding on departure.
  4. Masks – Masks are not mandatory, but you are strongly urged to wear a mask when entering the building and when moving around.  Most choirs are not requiring singers to wear masks while in the act of singing but you can do so if you wish.  Masks are recommended when we are speaking with each other.
  5. Registering – We will keep a register of attendance as we have always done.
  6. No food or drink to be brought in – except water
  7. If practicable please use hand sanitiser before heading off for the Church.
  8. If you are feeling unwell don’t come.
  9. Please advise us if you test positive for Covid-19 after attending a rehearsal.