This term

Coronavirus outbreak

Owing to the Coronavirus outbreak all rehearsals and concerts are postponed until further notice.  We will advise of plans once it is sensible to make them.

This term’s music

We were working towards a performance of the Dvořák Mass in D Major on 7 April at St John’s Smith Square in the Holy Week Festival. This has been cancelled.  The rehearsal schedule was below. There are links to learning files for individual voice parts.

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Learning resources

Recommended recording(s)

Learning files to hear individual voice parts

We should like to thank those who dedicate time to create learning files.  Here are some recommended resources to learn the Dvořák Mass: (requires you to register but is free) (£9.99 for downloads; £13.99 for CDs)

Dvořák Mass in D rehearsals still to come

  • All rehearsals are cancelled

Concert cancelled